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#BoFLIVE: Brand Marketing in the Age of Covid-19 | News & Analysis, BoF Professional

NEW YORK, United States — The anxiety and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus crisis, and more recently, the civil rights protests, means it has never been more important for brands to communicate clearly and honestly with consumers. In a recent edition of #BoFLIVE, BoF’s Lauren Sherman and Chantal Fernandez speak with brand consultants Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur as well as Jodie Chan, vice president of global marketing and communications at Carolina Herrera, on ways brands can effectively market themselves in the age of Covid-19.

“Everyone should think deeply about what customers want to hear from us right now,” Chan says. In recent weeks, brands have been forced to pivot their communication strategies. Rather than blasting customers with typical PR talk, brands must reconsider their values, who they are targeting and what they really want to say. This might include educating consumers on a brand’s behind-the-scenes operations or highlighting a specific cause. Highlighting that there is “a real person behind [a] brand,” says Mazur, “creates a consciousness on the side of the consumer that they didn’t have before… and that will be very effective in creating brand loyalty.”

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